We wrote the book on healthcare professional branding. Literally.  
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Finally a Brand Guide to Discover the Principles, Tactics, and Habits of the Most Successful Physician and Dental Brands.
What you're about to discover has taken years to perfect. We've used what you're about to learn to help create some of the most exclusive physician and dental practices, become a celebrity in certain niches, and help overwhelmed doctors design a blueprint for their eventual millionaire and lifestyle design brands. Brand Rx: The Eventual Millionaire Brand Guide can help almost any healthcare professional clarify their unique brand position, unify their marketing communications, and amplify their patients positive experience across the internet and television. Inside our new book, you will discover secrets such as...
  • How branding is counterintuitive for most physician and dental practices and how "best-practices" can actually be hurting your practice.
  • Why physician and dentist brands are governed by marketing principles that haven't changed in 50 years ... and how you can build a differentiated brand in the mindset of your ideal patients.
  • A compendium of principles, tactics, and high-performing habits from some of the most successful and significant physician and dental practices accumulated from our thousands of client engagements, hundreds of interviews, and collaboration with some of the top creative brand minds in the industry. 
  • The proven brand discovery 10 questions we use to launch or rebrand some of the most profitable healthcare and dental practices. 
  • We reveal the secret of how to differentiate your practice, and how to avoid the money pit of traditional marketing.
  • A brief "Check-Up" into the mindset of the eventual millionaire physician and dentist brands and why patients prefer them to be exclusive and not inclusive. 
  • The absolute best way to create and protect a brand built upon reputation and trust. 
  • The single most important thing you must do before you decide to rebuild your website. (We give you exactly what the top healthcare professional brands do so your website will be polarizing to most patients and compelling for your ideal patients.)
  • Why you never, ever want to hire a SEO firm and how this is a crucial mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars. 
  • Learn what no other marketing agency is telling you. The trick is not to change your marketing, the trick is to change yourself so your ideal patients think you’re the only one for them.
  • A little-known but very profitable brand storytelling technique our clients use to catch the attention of local television.
  • And much, much more...
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